A packed house at the opening of our political office. See the photos.

A packed house at the opening of our political office. See the photos.

With great success and in a climate of excitement we celebrated the opening of our political office for our party Sixroni Lefkada, on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

A crowd of people flocked to 14 Kerkyra St., above the Veterinary Practice of Mr. Kalos, to attend the opening and to meet the candidates of the party that were announced at the event.

The blessings were performed by the priest Anastasio Messini.

In his short speech Mr. Kalos mentioned:

Dear friends;

I welcome you and thank you very much for responding once again to our invitation. It seems like no matter what space we select to host an event, it’s never enough. This indicates the forward momentum of Sixroni Lefkada, a momentum that we become aware of in every action we take and every contact we make, in our visits to the villages, in town, everywhere.

Since the beginning of this race we set the bar high. And we are not talking only about the end result, but the characteristics of our trajectory, as well as the way we want to run our race. We believe that this distinguishable and alternative approach to things has imprinted in the hearts and minds of the residents of Lefkada, regardless of their final choice, and this pleases me especially.

We are approaching the issues from a completely different angle, we are highlighting the problems and are communicating the messages that we want to convey and our plans for the days after the elections.  All our events and proposals are a result of an organized and innovative approach, a fact that is widely applauded, if we take into consideration that they are followed by the other mayoral candidates.

Dear friends,

Our main goal is to solve the problems of our island, as we don’t view the municipality as a prize to be won, but rather we view the elections as a means to make the changes that our island needs. At this point we must state that our island is small and any personal ambitions cannot overshadow that of the common good and the future of our children.

What I would like to emphasize as we enter the home stretch, is that with the same characteristics that we have shown so far, with the same we will move forward up until election day. We all want to give a good race, with grace, with a smile and in the end we have no doubt that people will appreciate not only out approach, but also our proposals, that will be made public soon, that they will reward them and we will be victorious. It’s up to us!

Our approach to the issues resulted in us to organize an event regarding perhaps the most important problem of Lefkada, that of waste management. We are organizing this very important conference this upcoming Monday at 7:00pm in the conference room of the Lefkada Cultural Center. At this conference, the first of its kind ever organized in Lefkada regarding this issue, we have invited specialized scientific staff so much from government agencies as from the private sector, with the end goal being the complete and thorough analysis of this issue that involves all of us and has been going on for too long, because we believe that the best possible solution is mandatory. All municipal officials have been invited, organizations, mayoral candidates and council members and or course all Lefkada residents.

At this point I would like to introduce a select group of fellow residents, that have come together to be part of the team of Sixroni Lefkada.

Mr. Kalos announced 22 more names that joined the Sixroni Lefkada party.

(All names are available in a previous story).


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