Lefkada Waste Management Conference

The Independent Party, Sixroni Lefkada is organizing an informative conference regarding the hot topic issue of solid waste management plaguing the island of Lefkada, on Monday, April 15, 2019 at 7pm at the conference room of the Lefkada Cultural Center.

The following speakers will attend:

  • Dimitris Vagenas, Professor of Environmental Systems, President of the Chemical Engineer department of the University of Patra.
  • Ioannis Frantzis, Environmental Engineer ΜSc, project designer of the Regional Design of Waste Management for the Ionian Islands.


  • Christos Tsiligiannis, advisor to the Municipality of Lefkada, MOPAK project designer.
  • Sotiris Stasinos, Chemical Engineer, MSc, Ph.D., Environmental Manager HLEKTOR A.E.
  • Haralambos Haralambidis, Electrical Engineer, Project Manager ΣΔΙΤ of the Epirus-Peloponnesse Region, TERNA A.E.


  • Representative of the company Mesogeios A.E.

A conversation will follow.

This event is open to the public, the current municipality, organizations, mayoral candidates, and council members, in an effort to receive information on this topic from specialists in the field from the public and private sector.

Due to how critical the situation is regarding this issue, it requires information and consent.

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