Mr. Mihalis Aretis introduces party leader Mr. Haralambos Kalos

Anesthesiologist and former Director of the Department of Anesthesiology of the General Hospital of Lefkada, Dr. Mihalis Aretis, spoke about party leader Mr. Haralambos Kalos, and the way he has come to know him over the years through a long and sincere friendship, at the presentation of ‘Sixroni Lefkada’, on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, at the Foyer of the Cultural Center of the municipality of Lefkada.

Good evening dear friends,

I am here to introduce my friend and Lefkada mayoral candidate, Mr. Babi Kalo.

We have known each other for around twenty years. Throughout all of these years our friendship has been a sincere and dynamic relationship, and frankly put, our mayoral candidate is defined by his sincerity and his determination. In his interpersonal relations he is straightforward and has a wonderful and progressive way of weaving together friendship and cooperation.

Babis is a good family man, a well rounded scientist and a successful businessman. He does business in Lefkada and all the surrounding areas with wide recognition for his actions as a scientist.

His social concerns have been known for a long time and his constant interest has always been the progress of the island. It has been long known that his realistic concern is a beautiful, clean and civilized Lefkada. For those who don’t know, visionary Babi with known collaborators lead the ways and finally managed to bring the blue recycling bins to our beautiful island. Recycling, a huge word, a major accomplishment.

My friend Babis cares for his fellow residents, and struggles for his island. He doesn’t care about the power of the chair; his sole concern is that we ALL MOVE FORWARD!

A blessed place such as Lefkada, that excites any visitor upon first sight, must move forward, and must improve. There is a lot of room for improvement here.

The candidate is progressive, innovative and formative. He wants to fight, he wants with capable collaborators to change Lefkada, to solve the chronic issues that afflict this place such as the water supply, sewage disposal, solid waste management, the modernization of public administration, road construction and the land register. We have issues that need solutions. And Babis Kalos, being organized and creative, can and will accomplish them.

He sets goals and methodically perfects his moves and his contacts that he needs to accomplish his mission.

With his active participation in public affairs, his long involvement in local government, being experienced and accomplished, it is certain that his time as mayor will be crowned with success. This is my wish for him.

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