Our Goals


Modernize our municipal services with the use of new technologies and eGovernment to offer contemporary and quality services to our residents and local businesses. Our priority is a civilized daily life.


Upgrade and extend the social structures of the municipality, with the creation of new smart structures for the primary care of all residents, and especially vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and the disabled.


Create contemporary infrastructures for a European Lefkada of the future and adopt regenerative systems of a circular economy, aiming to maintain the value of our local resources and minimizing the production of waste, while protecting the environment.


Support local entrepreneurship and create the appropriate environment to attract private investments. Tourism and “Blue Growth” (sustainability strategy) being the spearhead, while the entire territory of our municipality will benefit as a result. Create an entrepreneurship office. Make good use of every possible tool that can benefit our society to satisfy the needs for development and employment.


Enhance and utilize the historical, religious and cultural heritage of Lefkada with the creation of archeological and historical routes. Committing 1,5% of the regular income of the municipality towards local culture, sports and other clubs to support their efforts and contributions.


Create a strategy plan to constantly and intensely claim financial tools and resources directly from the European Union, by utilizing individuals with specialist knowledge. Committing to utilize a specific percentage annually from the municipal income received from the marina towards future planning.

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