Haralambos Kalos

Candidate for Mayor of Lefkada

Mr. Haralambos Kalos was born and raised in Lefkada.

He studied at the School of Veterinary Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and later was accepted, amongst 16 other graduates from around the world, at the University of Sterling in Scotland to specialize in Fish Pathology. In the framework of his research for his MSc, he was able to recreate monoclonal antibodies of a specific bacteria, a ground-breaking feat for its time.

Although he had offers for an international professional and academic career, he consciously chose to return and run his practice in his hometown.

In 2008 he decided to further his education with a Master of Business Administration, MBA which he received with honors.

Mr. Kalos has been working since 1998 as a Veterinarian- Fish Pathologist for some of the top companies in the field of fish-farming in Greece and abroad, having held high responsibility positions.

From 1999 to the present, Mr. Kalos has offered his veterinary services at his private ‘Veterinary Clinic of Lefkada’, alongside fellow veterinarian Mrs. Konstantina Papachristou.

He has attended numerous conferences, conventions, and training courses in his field of study in Greece and abroad. He is a member of various Greek and European Associations. In addition, as a volunteer veterinarian, he is in charge of the Rescue and Care Research Center of wildlife, ARION, for the larger area of Lefkada.

He was an athlete of the Gymnastic Club of Lefkada and Doxa Lefkadas BC, a member of the dance division of Nea Xorodia, and served on the boards of various sports clubs and other associations.

As a former member of the Municipal Council of Lefkada (2007-2010), he was vice president of the City Council, vice president of the Mayoral Committee, secretary of the Municipal Utility Undertakings, and vice president of the Athletic Organization.

Mr. Haralambos Kalos is married to Mrs. Konstantina Papachristou.  They have two daughters, Panagiota, 15, a student in 1st grade of high school, and Susana, 12, a student in 1st grade of middle school.

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Targeting the Future!


Lefkada is my birthplace, the place I was raised, where I decided to create my own family, and to establish my practice. Born and bred in the town of Lefkada, a child raised in the square, the flower gardens (Boschetto) and the neighborhood of Agia Kara. In a sentence, Lefkada is my entire life!

The Decision

What prompted me to run for Mayor of Lefkada is my love for my island. I can no longer remain on the sidelines simply acknowledging everything that is wrong with Lefkada; all the lost opportunities for rational and sustainable development.

I believe that by submitting my visionary proposal and by co-developing it after broad conversation and analysis, we can change the destiny of this place. Let me remind you that my interest in local government, in which I greatly believe in, is not premature or opportunistic. When I was 36-yrs-old, the people of Lefkada voted me into city council and I believe that I stood up to the challenge and fulfilled all my obligations.

My Vision

Although I don’t like to brag, I consider the strongest point of my candidature to be the vision I have for my island. I envision Lefkada as the green island, of quality and culture. I know what we need to aim for and what needs to be done on our islands.

Not only I, but my immediate collaborators are aware of the problems, we take effective actions and we have proven so with results, each of us in our individual fields. One of my main concerns is to get our municipality out of its fearful isolationism, by developing inter-municipal collaborations and initiatives, through culture, sports, and the environment. I aspire to make our Lefkada, a CONTEMPORARY LEFKADA.

The Collaborators

The profile of the people I wish to join me in changing Lefkada have one common denominator. The denominator is comprised by four words: Trust, Participation, Creativity, Results. In other words, my immediate collaborators have to believe in this endeavor and must be determined to take time out of their personal lives, to be highly regarded, and to be successful in their individual fields.

The Needs

What I believe our island needs and more specifically we need is a change of mentality.  First of all, we have to respect and protect our home at any cost. In addition, we have to gain a sense of pride as Lefkadians, something we lack and I challenge everyone to ponder upon this. As for the question itself, there is no doubt that the main problem of the island is the overall handling of waste management. A chronic issue with visible and not so visible implications. A problem that unfortunately as a society we have been unable to resolve, due to narrow sectoral interests blocking every attempt in the past. Also, important issues are those of every day life, e.g. parking spaces, sidewalks, lighting, sustainable mobility, green areas, etc.


In the immediate future we will be announcing the outline of our program, and then, through a series of interactive actions we will seek the opinions of social administrative bodies and civilians so that we can co-create our final positions, which will compose our municipal objectives, which we will serve with piety.

The Choice

In the upcoming election I look forward to the resident of Lefkada demanding and applauding innovative ideas, breakthrough views, individuals that can vouch for the following day, individuals that don’t stand firmly behind party lines. I hope they choose individuals that are open minded and mostly with a cooperative disposition.

The Future

I envision a CONTEMPORARY LEFKADA (Greek: Sichroni Lefkada). A Lefkada that incorporates new technologies, that respects public spaces, that respects the handicap, that promotes entrepreneurship, that highlights the unparalleled beauty of the island in an appropriate manner. A place that primarily we, the people of Lefkada will like. A place where you can live!


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