Various meetings on and off the island for Lefkada mayoral candidate Mr. Haralambos Kalos

Mr. Kalos and Mr. Moustairas
Mr. Kalos and Mr. Moustairas

On Friday, February 15, 2019, Lefkada mayoral candidate and party leader of ‘Sixroni Lefkada’, Mr. Haralambos Kalos, met with Mr. Georgio Koultouki, Director of grant administration for the local authority of the Consignment Deposit and Loans Fund. All the actions and financial potential of the fund were discussed in the meeting. The ‘Filodimos’ program was analyzed in depth and all the opportunities it may provide, possibilities of investment in technological upgrades and energy conservation, smart applications for a more efficient management of the infrastructure, and the production of renewable energy sources for energy offsetting. Finally, great emphasis was given to upgrading energy conservation for public street lights.

Mr. Kalos and Mr. Koultoukis

On Saturday, February 16, 2019, Mr. Kalos attended the international Forun “Verde.tec 2019” that took place in Athens; the main topic was circular economy strategies and the challenge of smart cities. In this context, he had a series of meeting with speakers and representatives of various companies in the field. In particular, the in depth conversation with Mr. Ilia Moustaira, the Director of Rewarding Recycling, as recycling is one of the priorities of “Sixroni Lefkada.”

Mr. Kalos and Mr. Moustairas

On Sunday, February 17, 2019, Mr. Kalos met in Patra with Mr. Dimitri Vagena, professor and president of the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Patra. There they discussed matters of waste management. Emphasis was given on the prickly problem of solid waste management and the developing situation in Lefkada and the alternative ways to approach this problem. A follow up meeting is being planned with Mr. Vagena as well as other company representatives that are experts in this field.

Ο κ. Βαγενάς και ο κ. Καλός

On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, Mr. Haralambos Kalos met with Mr. Thoma Roboti and Mrs. Eleni Bazioti, representatives of the recycling and environmental education community organization “Lefkogaia”, an organization that is active in recycling in Lefkada. They discussed the possibilities of expanding the recycling program and other ways to collaborate therefore maximizing the results for the benefit of the residents and the environment.

The party leader continues to meet with the presidents and the members of the local boards in order to record the issues in various areas of Lefkada and the other islands.

We would like to remind you that the website for ‘Sixroni Lefkada’ is available to all our fellow residents at Having given priority to an open dialogue and aiming to co-develop our municipal goals of our final program, you have the ability to share your ideas and suggestions with us and submit your questions.

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