Mr. Haralambos Kalos meetings in Athens, Patra and Lefkada

Lefkada mayoral candidate, Mr. Haralambos Kalos attended the workshops of the “Smart Cities Conference” on March 13, 2019 in Athens. The object of the conference was to bring representatives from the public sector and local government with technological operators that are paving the way and converting cities into “smart cities”. Mr. Kalos who originally highlighted the importance of this specific subject, attended interesting speeches at the 7th International conference with topics such as, “Governing and Funding for Smart Urban Development”, “Smart Cities with a Sustainable Environment”, “Visualizing a Smart City with Social Participation and Development”. Many attending mayors participated and shared their points of view, whom pointed out the need for constant effort to convert a city into a smart city and not just a communications trick.

3.4.2019 – Sixroni Lefkada party leader Mr. Kalos met with the mayor of Lefkada, Mr. Kosta Drakontaidis, in order to get briefed on the recent actions taken by the municipal authorities regarding the hot topic issue of our solid waste management. The mayor presented a collection of actions that have taken place, they exchanged opinions on the subject matter, and once again agreed that the situation is critical.

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, Mr. Haralambos Kalos accompanied by our fellow islander, Mrs. Glykeria Katifori, executive of the Unit of Programming and Assessment of the Special Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programme for Western Greece, had a meeting with the manager of the Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage of Patra, which is one of the better organized ones in the country.  Mrs. Irini Karathanasi, Mr. Kostas Kalogeropoulos and Mr. Dimitri Stergiopoulos analyzed the entire plan of operations of the DEYAP, the crucial points in the sector of water supply, as well as the potential available finances that exist. The executives of DEYAP stated that we can depend on a future collaboration.

Following, Mr. Kalos visited the Special Public Works Department of the Peloponesse and the Ionian Islands. where he met with Mrs. Akrivoyla Harari, in charge of the project of Egremni beach. He was updated in detail on the progress of the project and more specifically was informed that a supplementary 1,3 million euro contract was signed. The final survey was presented including plans for 410 metal steps covered with wood. All work will be carried out by linemen and the construction materials will be transferred with a barge to the beach. The pleasant news is that the expected date of completion of this large project is set for completion in July 2019.

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